Karen Troxel, romance author

  I’m Karen Troxel, author of romances that cross all genres, including my latest release, “An Affair to Remember.”

   On these next few pages I will talk about my books, which aren’t just limited to romantic suspense like “An Affair to Remember”. I have written a romantic comedy called “Web Story”, a time-travel romance called “Wind of Change” and a sweet romance entitled “Just One Night”.

  I hope you’ll enjoy my journey through a fictional quest to find love, romance, and happy ever after through many genres.

  Another topic dear to my heart are the memorial pages dedicated to my late husband, Thomas George Borrelli. They can be found here.

  The final pieces of the puzzle are  my erotic romances written as Trixie Stilletto and my non-fiction stories and photography which can be found here.

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Newest Release   

  1. -An Affair to Remember

Where to find it

eBook: Amber Quill Press

Paperback: coming soon