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A coward dies a thousand times......

Kerry Simpson, aka so many different names she can't keep them straight, lives this adage. Ever since she heard her fiancé order the death of her hitman father and turned state's witness, her life has been spiraling out of control. Kerry is desperately seeking the courage to face her biggest fear, but time is running out. Will she find the strength to break free or remain enslaved forever?

Death is more acceptable than failure......

U.S. Marshal Cutter Snead's biggest failure caused the death of the only people he loved. Now, burned out, he has one final job before he can start anew--even if it is without his wife and unborn child. He wishes his last assignment would be anything but babysitting a mob daughter who looks like a kindergarten teacher and acts like a tiger mouse. Kerry Simpson should stand for everything Cutter hates, but each minute he spends with her, she opens emotions he thought had died years ago.

Time stops for no one......

Can Cutter and Kerry beat the ticking clock, an evil criminal, and a dangerous mole to discover the truth that will set them free to find the love and life they both deserve?

No Time to Hide

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Kerry listened to Cutter’s footsteps as they thudded against the hollow floor of the sagging porch. She rubbed her hands against her arms, feeling chilled to the bone.

She was so confused she was getting a headache. Was he really who he said he was? Yes, he had shown her a badge. Wait a minute… He’d never shown her his badge. Kerry rubbed her hand over her face as the events of the last ten hours rolled past like a slow-motion slide show.

He’d tried to ask her on a date in the mall. Then he’d pointed out the man following her. He said he was taking her to a safe house. But that place had proven to be anything but safe. She had the scratches and contusions to prove it. But who were they really running from? Could he right now be calling Dom’s men to come and get her?

Kerry moved over to sit on the sagging couch. She stared into space while she tried to puzzle this out, fingering her necklace with the locket that her father had given her when she was sixteen. She had to admit the truth. She had no hard, irrefutable proof Cutter was helping her. She did have plenty of doubts. Each scene they’d just been through played through her mind again.

Her mouth suddenly became dry. She felt a tingling down her arms and she wiped sweaty palms on her leggings. She was alone in the middle of nowhere with a man she knew nothing about. This could be the moment of her death. This could be the last place she’d ever see.

She longed for her little apartment, with its bright walls and multi-colored pillows she’d ordered via the online catalogue.

Stupid, stupid. That was just a place. This is your life.

Her headache was now a full-blown panic event.

She didn’t know where they were. She had no means of communicating with the outside world, no way to get help.

It seemed all her running was about to come to an end.

It seemed she had no more time to hide.